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Grand Canal It is reported that Hangzhou will be opened on October 1 Xixi? Yuhang? Canal, the canal? On the river, canal? Victory Creek? Qiantang River water 3

Travel Line, set up a "water bus" and the cruise. Some people worry, Hangzhou Canal, the "inscription" activities are in full swing, the time development of tourism, will increase the difficulty of protecting the canal, "the inscription" will be affected. This also involves the protection of traditional culture and modern old problem.

By thousands of years of cultural accumulation, which contains the rich cultural heritage of the canal for all to see. In my view, Hangzhou, this "Oriental leisure capital", the canal in the fight for the value of material and spiritual culture to maximize the benefits, if the historical and cultural heritage and promote the combination of modern civilization, the canal, "inscription" and the Canal Tourism can be a win-win.

Canal "inscription" is different from the cultural heritage or antique preservation, protection can not be a way to build the museum, nor a static form of absolute conduct. After all, the canal also bear the shipping, the Habitat and the upcoming tourism and many other features. Protection of the canal can not be copied, copy successful practices in other cities, but to pay attention to the fundamental pursuit of those cultures, so that the protection of both the canal along the "inscription" of the road map forward and will comply with Hangzhou Sharing "quality of life of the city "direction of development. The purpose of the development of the canal tourism is that more people know about Hangzhou, to understand the importance of Hangzhou Grand Canal, so that this internationally famous tourist city is more spacious and accessible path of travel. This "inscription" to be not contrary to the purpose of protection.

Hangzhou Grand Canal, as our predecessors left us with material wealth, in quite a historical period can also continue to serve mankind. As a cultural wealth, it should exist. The current proposed comprehensive protection canal "three goals", that is also River in China, declared World Heritage, to build a world-class tourism product, its goal is also to achieve the protection, inheritance and update the effective combination.

Canal "inscription" solidarity with the people, not just leaders, experts concern. The most effective way is to let the people close to the canal and carry out water as good as a good way to travel.

As long as the mining and canal tour to demonstrate the historical and cultural sites along the river, civil

Custom And character references, to achieve "Everywhere King, King King differences, a King for a win," canal canal tour for "inscription" is a complement of great news.

As long as people have a canal tour will be able to recognize the "Hangzhou element", when the canal boat canal Square, came running, people can distinguish them from afar on behalf of the Hangzhou landscape and image of the marker to Canal Tour and Canal "inscription" is a perfect integration.
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Puzzles Inscription: Hangzhou Grand Canal, You Can Travel (map) - Hangzhou Grand Canal, Tourism,

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This article was published on 2011/01/14